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Guide to work aboard a yacht



Guide to work aboard a yacht

For the most intrepid and daring people, surely the idea of working aboard a luxury yacht or a boat that is going to cross the seas and needs a crew for it has ever crossed your mind. There are many travelers who resort to this type of work, which do exist, they are not movie history and in fact, it happens a lot in Spain, right in the Canary Islands, when the trade winds come, many boats that need crews, arrive there and capture to the most adventurous sailors.

Well, today we have made a small guide to know how you can work on yachts or private boats. If you are lucky enough to become a member of the crew aboard one of these gigantic glamorous yachts, you are sure to have an adventure like no other. However, it must be said that the job search aboard a private yacht is not an easy task and your work schedule can often be quite hard.

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Jobs and Experience

The 4 primary positions aboard a private yacht are:

  • Deck sailor  (sailing skills and boat maintenance are essential)
  • Cook  (There are many billionaire yacht owners who expect the best dining experiences) 
  • Engineer   (Recommended to be an expert in electrical and plumbing engineering)
  • Responsible for cleaning , order, maintenance …

All this, logically with a certain degree of previous experience. Additionally, all positions require you to obtain a yacht safety course. You can take these courses in many places (for a variable € 1,500).

Another of the main requirements that must be met when wanting to work on one of these yachts is knowledge of English for all positions unless we hit a lucky break and work with a Spanish-speaking owner. Very useful secondary languages ​​are Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Italian. 

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There are many other positions that can be filled, it all depends on the boat and the positions that the captain needs to fill.

Where and when to find a job in yachts

Three of the largest and most important places where we can find yachts are; Ft. Lauderdale,  Florida  (Known as the Venice of America, due to its extensive and intricate canal system),  Antibes, France  (located in the Alpes-Maritimes department, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, right next to Cannes) or the  Canary Islands, among many others. However, just being there, you may not find your position, you have to be at the right time of year, move around the area and have a little luck.

For  Ft. Lauderdale, April, May, and June are the most ideal months. During this time, countless yachts make the crossing of the Mediterranean in order to avoid the hurricane season and enjoy the European summer.

In  Antibes, September, October, and November are the best months. The yachts are preparing to leave for the Caribbean, to avoid the cold European winter, this is when the captains are looking for a replacement crew.

The Canary Islands is another place where a large number of boats usually depart on the dates of the Trade winds, where most of the ships in Europe make a stopover before heading to the American continent. Being present during those dates in the ports of the Spanish islands will give you an advantage over other sailors.

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How to contact the Yacths

Search through the Crew Agencies

The first way to connect with yacht captains is by going to the crew agencies and asking for information about the different yachts and their contacts if they are possible or if they know if they need a crew to embark on them.

Search in the same ports, the best option

The second and most effective way is by talking to the people at the port. The best way to do this is when you wake up, get up around 6:00 a.m. every morning and walk around the docks asking the people there, if you manage to embark on a yacht, you are going to make many more sacrifices than getting up early. to find your boat!

As for the presence, you already know that you can have more possibilities if you are dressed in a way that does not attract attention, if you have tattoos or piercings they are usually hidden (bear in mind that you are going to embark for a long time with a person who does not you know and your presentation will be one of the impressions of you that the owner of the boat takes). More than all of this, you have to be personable, outgoing, well-spoken, and likable.

Once you are in the ports walking looking for the boat that needs you, you have to ask the crew if they are hiring… If they are, introduce yourself and tell them that you are looking for a job (sometimes they ask for a CV). If not, you can see if they need workers for a few days either in repair, construction, and overhaul, painting, polishing or cleaning the ship … in this way you will be more in contact with the world of that port, you will meet more people and you’ll be closer to finding your place on a yacht.

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In addition to that, you will be paid to do these services, a good idea to keep you afloat as you continue your search for a permanent position on one of these ships.

Another way to meet and interact with the owners of a yacht is by going to the locals near the ports and establishing relationships with them, this is where you have to get all your skills to make friends!

It can be exhausting and frustrating, but if you stay motivated and positive, you are definitely going to get a job as a crew member.

Search through the Internet.

Another option, more fashionable in recent times, is to search for vacant crew positions on yachts through the internet, although if you want to embark on a real adventure, it is always better to do the aforementioned option, perhaps, you even have more possibilities.

There are a large number of websites where you can find job offers to work on yachts. We have collected some of them, although if you search the web carefully, you will surely find many more.

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Some of these web pages where you can find a job to work on yachts are:

  • Yacrew – One of the largest job portals with jobs on yachts, super-yachts and mega-yachts.
  • All Yacht jobs – To find and post job offers on yachts.
  • Blue Water Yachting – A company where you can rent luxury boats, buy and sell yachts, acquire training, find employment …
  • Maritime Union – A multitude of job opportunities aboard all types of vessels; Offshore cargo ships, tankers, support ships, military ships, cable ships, tugboats, passenger ferries and more …
  • Crew Unlimited – A worldwide yacht charter agency.
  • Super Yacht Jobs – Here you will find a multitude of job offers to fill different positions on yachts.
  • Crew Network – Help in the search for the perfect yacht crew. Having offices in Fort Lauderdale, Antibes and Viareggio gives you access to the best quality crew at all times.
  • Work on Boats – You will find information as well as job offers.
  • Cosmo Crew – Agency for placing yachts around the world.
  • Luxyachts – Selling, renting, managing, or placing the crew is an easy decision, and the right choice.
  • Yachtloop – Yacht Job Seeker.
  • Ypicrew – It is another of the web portals where you can find information and job offers to work on luxury yachts.

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Pros and Cons of working on yachts

Let’s see above what are the pros and cons of this type of job.

The pros

Depending on the yacht, you will have the opportunity to sail and enjoy the beauty of the Seas, the  Mediterranean, and the Caribbean without a doubt. And as a deckhand or cleaning staff, the general salary is around 2,500 euros per month. Since room and board are included, most of your salary can be saved. Normally, your room will be a cabin, depending on the specific yacht, it will be more spacious and comfortable.

The Cons

Working as a crew member can be arduous and exhausting at times. You may suffer from dizziness and discomfort due to the constant balance of the yacht and you must adjust to all situations as you will be sharing a small space with other people.

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Yachting, as this style of traveling and working, is not for everyone.

But if, however, when someone wants to carry out an adventure of this type, it will undoubtedly be something that changes your life, your way of thinking, of facing decisions, and life itself. An experience that you will be able to tell about but that will not be in any way the same as what you have lived.

If you want to contribute a specific website or data that has escaped us, please, leave us a comment.


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How to learn a language without studying: 8 infallible recommendations



How to learn a language without studying 8 infallible recommendations

Every day, more people wonder how to learn a language without studying, or at least developing fluency in a language without being forced to formalize their education in the traditional classroom. 

Memorizing lists, doing repetitive exercises in textbooks, or going everywhere with the dictionary in your backpack, does not have to be the only methods to learn languages.

Learning a new language without studying is possible, as long as you follow the appropriate recommendations and methods. 

With the help of applications to learn languages, books, audiovisual content, travel, or connecting online with people from different parts of the world, you can learn a language without studying. Let’s take a closer look at how you can successfully achieve your goal.

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Is it possible to learn a language without studying?

Although at first, it sounds crazy, the traditional way of studying a language was never the right way to learn a language. Do you remember having a childhood immersed in textbooks so that you could master your native language today? Probably not. 

Although academic methodologies and validations have acquired a certain weight and reputation over the years, especially in the world of work, learning a language without studying, simply training our innate communication skills hand in hand with new technologies, each time it is more viable.

Obviously, it is a challenge that cannot be achieved without a good dose of commitment and effort to apply the strategies and recommendations that we will see from now on. 

Eight tips to learn a language without studying 

Next, we review the best recommendations that you should take into account before learning a language on your own and away from traditional classrooms: 

Consume movies and series in their original language 

Learning languages ​​with the content of highly popular streaming platforms, for example, Netflix, or Amazon Prime is one of the most common ways to learn a new language without realizing that you are studying. 

Start with the most friendly audiovisual content at your level in the language you are trying to learn, and take advantage of the dubbing and subtitling resources to better capture each knowledge. 

Also, do not be afraid to repeat the contents until you easily understand the context or view your favorite audiovisual materials in a totally unknown language.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks

To train your listening skills, nothing better than resorting to podcasts and audiobooks that cover topics of interest to you and allow you to become familiar with the everyday vocabulary of the language you are trying to learn without studying. 

In addition, these formats are ideal to start improving your pronunciation and have a complete immersion in the language while doing other activities. 

That’s how it is! Podcasts or audiobooks can be playing in your headphones as you go in the car, bus, or subway, exercise, or work on automatic activities. 

The ideal is to select those contents that suit your level, avoiding overwhelming yourself with challenges that require extensive linguistic experience. 

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Sounds pretty obvious, right? For as trite as it may sound, there is no better way to quickly increase your skills in a new language than to step out of your comfort zone and face the challenge of communicating in that language for survival.

Even on a short stay, for tourist reasons, there are hundreds of opportunities to loosen up with native speakers and have everyday conversations with all kinds of people. 

In addition, you will not only have to interact with people, but there is a general linguistic immersion where exposure to the new language occurs even when reading posters walking down the street, or watching the local news. 

On the other hand, there are also scholarships and exchange programs that can help you pay for travel expenses to learn a language from the direct experience of living in a foreign destination. 

Make connections with native speakers of the language of your interest.

Whether you have the opportunity to travel, or if it is not among your current possibilities, connecting with native speakers of the language you are trying to learn is key if your plans do not include formal study in the company of a qualified tutor to evaluate you. 

Find groups of foreigners who live in your country of origin and do not hesitate to try to establish a connection, take a look at virtual or face-to-face language exchange groups in your area, interact on social networks, and of course, do not be afraid to ask for feedback from the experts. 

Visit these eight platforms to do online language exchange and raise your speaking skills with the best. 

Do gamified exercises

It is proven that small challenges when learning a new language generate incentives and positive reactions to develop knowledge without falling into monotony. 

Gamified exercises, generally found in web and mobile applications for learning languages, provide a sense of purpose and progress that will motivate you to continue your practice to the limit.  

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Take advantage of the best apps and browser extensions

Learning a language without studying is not synonymous with doing things only when you feel like it. It is important to create habits and routines that, despite not fitting in with traditional educational methods, allow you to stay connected to your learning process. 

Fortunately, today there are thousands of applications and browser extensions that accompany us daily on the devices that we usually carry everywhere: the mobile phone and the computer. 

Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu or Mondly, allow you to use your free time to perform gamified exercises in different languages. 

On the other hand, browser extensions are very useful for automatic translations and interpretations while doing daily activities on the computer. 

Record your progress 

Even if you are not studying formally, there is nothing more motivating than measuring how you have progressed in your practice and what language skills you have had the opportunity to incorporate when communicating in a new language. 

Set a challenge adjustable to your goals, and do not hesitate to go for this one. At the end of the day, reflect on your learnings and create the habit of periodically comparing how your skills have evolved, which methods are more user-friendly with your practice, and how to continue to implement them. 

Adjust each practice to your areas of interest 

One of the aspects that can be more tedious when it comes to training in an academic and traditional way is studying through generic and sometimes not very exciting subjects. 

By learning a language on your own, you have the opportunity to personalize your practice based on your interests and passions. Do you like sports? Learn a new language in the sports context. Do you love the music? Learn a new language with the help of your favorite songs. 

Not only will you approach a new language with elements that are familiar to you, but you will also have the feeling that there is an exact context and place in which to put all your new knowledge. 

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As you can see, learning a language without studying, especially in a context full of multiple digital resources to use to your advantage, is no longer such a crazy idea. 

Many of the methods of learning a language without studying that we have reviewed today can bring as many practical advantages as traditional studies and are even generally a necessary complement for students of academic languages. 

Although studying formally or taking official exams is always a plus, especially when it comes to finding a job or developing studies abroad, these methods of learning a language outside the classroom are an alternative to shorten the path and stay true to your style of learning. Absorb the information. 

If you consider that learning in the classroom is not your thing and you want to live the experience of communicating in a new language directly in the real world, now is your turn! Try the tips on this list and find out which ones work best for you.

Our recommendation: the best option is a combination of them.

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Canada Immigration

Traveling to Canada with a Criminal Record



Traveling to Canada with a Criminal Record

The requirements to travel to Canada with Mexican nationality changed in December 2016. All Mexican citizens wishing to visit Canada for a short stay must obtain the eTA before traveling.

The eTA is an electronic travel authorization. This automated system determines the eligibility of people who want to visit Canada. As a Mexican citizen, you can apply for the eTA online by completing a form and answering a series of security questions.

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Necessary requirements to apply for the eTA with Mexican nationality:

Applying for the Canadian eTA is quick and easy. Among the requirements to obtain the eTA, travelers need:

  • A valid passport
  • A debit or credit card
  • An email address

Once the application has been completed with all the data, the applicant can proceed to answer a series of questions about his criminal record. To finish the process, you have to pay the eTA fee.

Do I need a Criminal Record Certificate to travel to Canada?

The Criminal Record certificate is not required to travel to Canada as a tourist. However, if you want to work in Canada, you may need to obtain a Criminal Record Certificate. In Mexico, you can complete the procedure online by completing a Request for a Certificate or Report of No Criminal History.

On the other hand, if you have a criminal record it is very important that you do not deny it when you apply for the eTA. In the Canadian travel authorization questionnaire, you must answer honestly all questions, including those about your criminal record. No matter how minor the crime, you are required to declare it on the eTA permit form.

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Alternatives if eTA Canada is denied due to brush with the law

It is likely that having a criminal record the eTA will be denied as inadmissible in Canada. In this case, you can still apply for a visa through the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate.

Before the travel authorization system was implemented, travelers from visa-exempt countries did not have to go through any electronic checks. You also didn’t have to answer questions about a criminal record. Migration controls were made upon arrival in Canada. As a result, there are many people who were able to enter Canada with a criminal record and went unnoticed.

It is worth mentioning that not all criminal records are equally serious. Still, the eTA serves as a screening mechanism to weed out people who might be criminally inadmissible in Canada.

If you have had interactions with the criminal justice system, you could benefit from a legal opinion letter to be able to apply for a visa to Canada and travel without problems. The legal opinion letter is a document that explains that the person with a criminal record is a respectable person and that they are an admissible person.

In some cases it may happen that the eTA is denied, this will depend on the severity of the history of each person. In case the eTA is denied due to the applicant’s criminal record, a temporary residence permit can be applied for, which would allow legal entry into the country.

Lying when completing the eTA is not recommended as this could have very serious consequences. Not only would the eTA not be granted but it could damage future possibilities of traveling to the North American country.

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To process a Canadian visa with a criminal record it is important that:

  • Learn all the details of your conviction and the charge.
  • Gather as much information as possible about your conviction, including dates.
  • Complete the application correctly and with all the necessary documents.

Remember that the decision to grant you entry to Canada rests with the Canadian immigration agent who assists you upon arrival in the country. A serious criminal record can be a reason for denial of the Canadian eTA or entry into the country.

If you have a criminal record for crimes committed before the age of 18 you may still have the opportunity to be granted entry into Canada.

To be considered your application, despite having a criminal record, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide supporting documents that you comply with the legal terms to be considered rehabilitated :
    • More than 5 years have elapsed since the crime and also since his final sentence
    • Fully served his sentence
    • Not likely to incur new crimes
    • Had he committed the crime in Canada, he would have had a prison term of less than 10 years
  • Your request for rehabilitation was approved
  • You were granted a record suspension
  • You have a temporary residence permit

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If you have a Mexican passport and a criminal record, it is recommended that you apply for criminal rehabilitation before submitting your eTA Canada petition. Once your confirmation of rehabilitation has been approved, you will be able to apply for a Canada eTA.

Contact an embassy or consulate for updated information and requirements. Please note that these requests can take more than a year to process.

The eTA is not a visa, it is a travel authorization to visit Canada for a certain time. The eTA is not designed for people who want to live, study or work in Canada.

Once the eTA is requested, it will be electronically linked to the passport, which is why it is essential to travel with the document with which the application was made.

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Canada Immigration

Things Immigration Lawyers Won’t Tell You About Moving to Canada



Things Immigration Lawyers Won’t Tell You About Moving to Canada

Before I enlighten you about things immigration lawyers won’t tell you, I’d like to give you a hint of the duties of an immigration lawyer. They basically work with corporations and employers to assist with helping clients understand the steps taken before they can be employed in Canada.

Immigration Lawyers are not gods

One thing immigration lawyers won’t tell you is that they are capable of failing when it comes to moving clients to Canada. Some tend to be transparent about it but most immigration lawyers won’t come clean on this.

They appear to their clients as gods and create a great picture of them in their hearts. They actually make mistakes too and sometimes lose cases. Most clients are aware of this fact, but when meeting an immigration lawyer they tend to put all hope on them.

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Immigration Lawyers Have no Supreme Power Over Immigration Process

I’ve met people who think when meeting an immigration lawyer their problems are totally solved. If you have this mindset, I’ll advise you to unlearn it because immigration lawyers are no supreme body in the affairs of immigration.

They only stand-in for their clients in the process stage and convince corporations about employing their clients. Immigration lawyers won’t tell you they aren’t certain about the outcome but would assure you of total success in immigrating to Canada.

You can Process it Yourself Without the Assistance of an Immigration Lawyer

Most people know that they can actually do their immigration processing themselves. It is a known fact, but they hire immigration lawyers because of their professionalism in their field. They believe they can do more better than they are.

Immigration lawyers won’t tell you that there are some cases with a slim chance of achieving victory. They make their clients feel like they are capable of performing miracles and so encourage them to hit on the process.

Immigration Lawyers Won’t Tell You of Their Past Records

Some immigration lawyers have been disciplined for immoral conduct in the past but they would never tell you because you might want to look elsewhere. A major issue is that act misconduct taken by an immigration lawyer may ruin your case. Most people have gone through this experience because of a bad step taken by their lawyer.

Although some learn from their past mistakes, it is not 100% certain that he would not act in that light again. So, when going for a background check you should determine if you should work with or without the immigration lawyer.

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Immigration Lawyers Won’t Tell You of the Case Load They Have on Deck

Some immigration lawyers can be extremely busy with a huge caseload on their hands. And oftentimes they do not reject cases but add more to their piles of work.

Immigration lawyers won’t tell you about this and it can cause a low commitment to your immigration process as they do not pay the necessary attention that ought to be paid to your immigration process. Every case ought to be given much attention in other to produce the best result.

While searching for an immigration lawyer ensure you take note of what to expect and also ask questions on the process in order to avoid getting an unexpected result.

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